Feb 2014. Photos: Dara Munnis.
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The time has come around. Christmas is over, its a brand new year and with that comes time for a change for me.

I’m moving to Australia, Melbourne, to be specific!!!!!

I’m terribly excited, nervous, delighted, anxious. All the feelings!

Moving again has been on my mind for quite some time. For anyone who has been following my music for the last while will know that I moved to London a few years back. I adored it but thats not to say it was all rainbows and daisies! I did end up meeting my producer Sean Genockey and my great friend John Hogg. Meeting them was the key to the next stage of my musical career and so I’ll always know moving there was the right thing to do!

It’s now come around again, where Dublin just feels too small. There’s never anywhere quite like Dublin and its music scene and its my home. But I also feel it’s not the be all and end all (which it can seem like at times), and right now I need to mix it up. I want to see what another city has to offer me. It’s a scary decision to make, starting again, essentially. Not knowing anyone, not knowing how things work but I’m ready!!!

My new album is ready, my new video is ready!! So I’m headed over there with guns blazing, ready to work and get them out there for everyone!

It also helps when you meet a lovely man, who just so happens to be at a stage in his life where he’s ready for a change too! So we’re off together – and we’re more excited about that in itself, than about the location!

So thats where I’m at ……   if anyone has Australian music contacts, you know who to send them to!!! I will keep you posted along the way! It’s time to adventure!



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