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So as if making my debut album in a total of 13 days wasn’t challenge enough for me lately. I came home and went straight into some major prep for the biggest music video I’ve done to date.

Let me go ahead and tell you all about that.

I’ve been in talks with the amazing Julian Hills since before Christmas about making this video. He really loved the song ‘If Only I Had The Time’ off my EP Sparks and approached me about making a visual for it, of course, I was all for it.

We started thinking of a concept for it and location hunting straight away!

As can be the case with these kinds of things, its hard to pull everything you need together at the right time and it wasn’t completely confirmed that it was going to happen before I left for London to make the album. I was delighted when we got the go ahead with the location and the crew whilst I was away.  This did mean I was going to fly home and go straight into a week of CRAZY getting everything I needed ready for it.

Through some kind of magic, everything pulled together and we had the perfect location and crew on the day.

We were shooting in the amazing John Player Factory in Dublin 8.  A massive derelict factory just full of gorgeous unique spaces. As we had the place for the whole weekend I wanted to make the most of it and so I actually ended up making two videos!

The first video I made was with the incredibly talented Christian Tierney. 


I had been following Christian’s work online and absolutely loved what he was doing. I was so happy that we were able to make something together. The reality of it is that my new album, although recorded quite quickly, won’t be released for quite a while. So I wanted to make an acoustic video for one of the new songs on it to give people an introduction.

I chose my brand new song ‘Selfish’ to play live.  This song has been catching people’s attention since I’ve started playing it live. It’s a highly personal track, I usually tend to hide behind metaphors in my songwriting and let people take from my songs what they want. Thats the beauty of a good song really, but with this one, I got fairly drunk one night and went to town with the lyrics. It’s different from my usual stuff and to be honest I love it. So, it shall be the first listen you get of the new tracks!

Here’s some shots from our early Saturday morning shoot!

For more on Christian and to see his videos, visit his YouTube Channel here:


(Thank you to Moss Cottage in Dundrum for providing me with the amazing colourful puff balls. I LOVE them).

On to the next shoot ……

I spent the week coming up to the shoot running around like a headless chicken organising bits and pieces, getting my hair, nails, eyelashes done, you know the usual vain necessities.

I was over the moon when my lovely friend and talented singer/songwriter Sinead White put me in touch with fashion designer extrordinaire Andrea Cullen. She provided me with some truly amazing pieces to wear for the shoot. She is also the loveliest. I headed down to Mullingar, where she lives,  late on Tuesday evening. I was full on panicking that I hadn’t sorted out anything to wear. When I arrived, she made me dinner and then just chose clothes for me to wear and sent me on my way, well fed and with a huge weight off my shoulder! Serious fairy godmother moment!!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the gorgeous clothes!

To see more from Andrea, visit her blogspot here:


What an unbelievable crew I had making this video. Julian directed the whole thing and he had such a great vision of how we were going to use the space and create something really special. We had Matt as camera man on the day, he really new his stuff and was a definite perfectionist which is what you want! Laurence was on lights and Conall was a great help all day long, lugging various pieces of equipment around to all of the different sets within the factory and setting up the shots. It was a long day but we definitely made the most of it and I can’t wait to see the finished video!

My brother Dara Munnis got on board to take some amazing stills throughout the day and also film some pieces for a potential ‘Behind the scenes’ clip, once the actual video is released! I loved his general direction, giving me tips like ‘Yeah try saying that again to the camera, but don’t sound like such an asshole’. He’s fab!!!

I have to say a HUGE thank you to two of my best friends Sarah Swan and Sarah Berry, who came on board and went above and beyond to help me with this video shoot from helping with make up and clothes, to making tea, coffee’s and sandwiches for the crew to sweeping up mounds of confetti off the ground to calming me down when I freaked out about having a spot outbreak that morning (lol). They were great to have there on the day! Yay for friends!

Here’s our team shot!!!

0020 WEBRES - Bairbre Anne BTS



Here’s some more stills taken on the day by Dara Munnis!


SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

SCR. Photo: Dara Munnis.

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